Cigar Roller with Cigar Servers ConnecticutCigar servers complement the cigar rollers in a way that makes your event stand out far above any event your guests have been before. The visual of a cigar server roaming the room with cigars rolled by your cigar roller is impressive. The upscale feel lends a classic beauty to the event while creating a visual your guests will comment on positively even when the event is over.

The cigar roller events we provide are intended to make you shine. The servers will all be educated as to the cigars being served which guests appreciate as some of them are not experienced but would love to enjoy this new feature placed in front of them.

Cigar servers often are requested cigar servers are often requested with and without a cigar roller making them a unique feature in themselves. Cutters, lighters will also accompany the roller as they float the location with a welcoming smile and approachable personalities that guests will enjoy an your event will be ultimately complement.

When you submit the contact form, you can request a cigar server at the bottom of the form. We will generate a quote for you can have cigars and custom cigar bands presented to your guests by one of these cigar knowledgeable ladies.

If you have a question or would like general advice on the best ways to integrate a cigar server into your event will, simply call and we will do our best to bring you to a comfort level that will help you make decisions.

All of our Cigar CateringĀ® features have the objective to create a visual entertaining experience making you the star of the event at the same time.