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Cigar rollers are not just entertainers but artisans of the old world craft of cigar rolling that are respected by cigar lovers and those that appreciate the history of the craft. Cigar rolling demonstrations offered by our events Department, which…

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The cigars presented by our Cigar Catering® offer only premium, quality product with each cigar presented. CF Dominicana cigars is sold in stores and CF Dominicana is sold in stores and is a premium cigar brand. We are a boutique,…

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Greenwich Hartford the entire Long Island sound is covered by three separate cigar rollers for CF Dominicana cigars rolling for over 10 years for the company.

Connecticut is the second state where this New England company marketed to over 15 years ago with cigar rolling events also known as Cigar Catering®, which provides cigar rollers throughout the state of Connecticut. With rollers stationed in New Haven, Providence, Hartford, Greenwich and various other areas along this southern portion of the state, CF Dominicana is a premium brand of cigars and the only full-time primary credible company that can execute cigar rollers for events in Connecticut flawlessly.

The cigars provided for the event use the same Connecticut shade state is famous for, coupled with Dominican hero filler to give a mild to medium bodied taste most cigar aficionados preferred throughout the country. The cigars themselves are sold in stores and the cigar roller events are a marketing tool that has been successfully branded as Cigar Catering® to expose the brand to potential new cigar lovers throughout Connecticut. The entire New England region is now covered with cigar rollers by CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering® and we handle every geographic area within the New England region.

We will check your venue to make sure they are cigar friendly and have a great knowledge of the Connecticut tobacco laws to ensure that this feature will be enjoyed by your guests while remaining in compliance with all state laws. We are licensed retailer of tobacco as well as the brand which makes the attention to detail for your event paramount as we are accountable for our name. The Mohegan Sun is a frequent location for our cigar rollers both male and female. Female cigar rollers are also requested and work well for casino and VIP parties to.

All of our cigar rollers are contracted and kept very close to the company to ensure consistency with presentation which is extremely important in making sure that you remain the star of the event. Great looks, presentation, the ability to interact well with guests and most of all the approachable and knowledgeable make the experience of cigar rolling throughout the state of must have for the big VIP events.

As long as you have your date and venue confirmed, you can then submit the contact form right here on the website to generate a suggested quote which will include a package of features that we believe will work best for your event will. Your big day is very important whether it's corporate event or personal affair so attention to detail is always emphasized even down to the custom cigar bands designed to match the theme of the event whether it be a wedding or corporate tradeshow.

Submit the contact form and we will have a quote for you within two hours and if it's late in the day, no later than noon the following business day, you can also call us if you have the general quick question we will be happy to consult with you to help you make decisions and get a greater comfort level. We know a lot of people are contacting us as either gift givers or planners and your knowledge of cigars may be limited so we are here to chat is often and as long as you like to educate you so that the cigar rolling feature is nothing less than a memorable, positive experience for all of your guests long after the party is over. We look forward to hearing from you.